Simple Vehicular Maintenance Practices

As a car owner, you can save a lot of money by doing some of the maintenance jobs on your own. In fact, it is estimated that you can save up to 150 USD annually by handling these routine maintenances. The money saved can be used for other activities. This can also save the driver’s money and time.

It is therefore advisable to perform the basic car maintenances practices that do not require the training of a mechanic or specialized tool. Sticking to DIY vehicle maintenances will ensure that your car is running smoothly and it very safe. This article is going to enlighten you on the routine maintenance practices that can be done by the driver or car owner.

Changing oil

The oil filter and oil can be changed easily without the assistance of professional. All that is needed when doing this is a little knowledge and the right supplies including new motor oil. This will help you in changing the oil of your car by yourself. In addition to this, you should also acquire an oil pan for storing the dirty oil.engine oil

Other tools that are needed include a car jack, funnels, socket sets, safety goggles, a flashlight and rubber gloves. The engine oil should be replaced after every 5,000 miles. O the engine should be run for some minutes after changing the oil. This is done to allow smooth flow of the warm oil. This is followed by lifting off the vehicle using car jack. The oil pan is then placed beneath the vehicle.

Replacing the air filters

Apart from the oil filter, the vehicles’ air filters should be replaced regularly. These are cheap components that can be obtained from the general stores or local automotive stores. The average price of an air filter ranges from 15-20 USD. Changing of the oil filters should not be neglected. Otherwise, this is something that can lead to a decline in vehicular performance and gas mileage. This is one of the easiest jobs that you can do. In fact, it can be done in less than ten minutes. All that you need to do is following the manufacturer’s manual instructions.air filter


Burnt-out headlights are easy to replace, this is a task that is neglected by many car owners. Burnt-out headlights should be replaced immediately to avoid accidents. It is a task that can be performed easily without making an appointment with a mechanic. All that you need is a new bulb and the right tools.…

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Used Truck

Are you interested in expanding your fleet? If yes, it is advisable to consider the benefits associated with purchasing or buying a used 18 wheeler or truck. This will be a beneficial addition to your company. However, some people believe that buying a new one of the best ways to go. Many benefits are associated with purchasing a pre-owned truck.


Used trucks cost less as compared to the new ones. Buying one can help you in saving a lot of money. It is one of the greatest t deals that you can have. This is an option for those individuals are who are planning to start new businesses as well as those who have already established their operations. Even if these vehicles are relatively old than the new ones, they still retain their quality.costs

Individuals who have low monthly payments can improve their cash flow by purchasing the used vehicles. Such vehicles are known for having low overhead costs. This is something that can help you in making a huge difference especially if you have been hit by a slow period for the past several months.

Eliminating extras that are not needed

Some of the modern vehicles have extra features that are unnecessary. Buying such a vehicle can make you lose money by buying something that you do not need. This is something that can be avoided by purchasing a pre-owned vehicle. Such a vehicle will provide you with what you are looking for.

Affordable upgrades

As an operator, you are advised to choose either a new model form a low-quality manufacturer or a used 18 wheeler from a reliable manufacturer. Individuals who are in this category are advised to buy from reliable manufacturers. This is one of the best choices that you can make. Most of the modern vehicles are designed to go for more than 100,000 miles. This means that the truck chosen can serve you for many years.

Other costs

The insurance cost for a used wheel is relatively low than that of a new one. You should be aware of these premiums can affect your bottom line. Again, you should remember that is costlier to register anew truck. The amount of money required to register one vary from one country or state to  cost


You can get more value for the money spent by buying a truck that is one year old. A new track will depreciate once you start driving it off. In fact, it can depreciate by 40 percent within the first one year.…